Elements day spa welcomes large groups to enjoy a day at the spa! We can accommodate up to 12 people depending on availability . Our spa has 2 couples rooms , 2 private treatment rooms and 2 facial rooms. We have lockers and showers that your welcome to use, there is a dry sauna, hot tub and pool on property. The hotel sites right on the lake so you will have access to enjoy a walk on the beach or a nice picnic. We do ask that no glass is used at the pool or on the lake. Our office offers a sitting area for guests and a small tea room for those looking for privacy. If you would like to bring food or drinks for your event we do have a mini fridge to store items.

10AM - 7PM Tuesday - Saturday | 11PM-5PM  Sun & Mon  By Appointment    (530) 544 6390

Large Party Contracts must be filled out and emailed back to Elements@tahoespa.info. Please include date of event, start and end time desired, all guests first and last names and  services requested. A credit card is required to hold place on file, no adjustments can be made to schedule once it gets closer to the event. If you would like to bring food or drinks please inform us so we will have space in the mini fridge.

  • We ask parties of 12 stay around a 30 minute treatment time so we are able to accommodate everyone in a timely manner. We offer 30 minute skin teasers, 30 minute swedish, deep tissue massages and 30 minute body scrubs.

  • For smaller parties we suggest the bliss package which offers a 60 minute massage and 60 minute facial. The heavenly package offers 30 minute body scrub, 30 minute massage and a 60 minute facial. Your welcome just to book 60 minute massages or facials. 90 minute treatments are available but please remember this will run times over and ending at the same time can be difficult.

       Group Events