Elements Day Spa requires forms to be filled out prior to your appointment based on the services you book. We usually recommend clients to come in 10-20 minutes prior to their appointment to allow enough time to fill out these forms. 

For your convenience these forms are available for you to print and fill out prior to your appointment. If you choose to do so ahead of time and are booking multiple treatments, please still expect to arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to change into a robe. 

If you are booking a single treatment and wish to fill this out before hand, please plan to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. 

Please fill out the following forms based on the services booked, and if you've been to our location before :

New client massage form, Returning Client massage form, Facial form, Waxing form, CBD massage form **Regardless of returning clients for our CBD packages, CBD massage forms (and facial form if applicable to package) will need to be filled out per visit**

Intake Forms 

10 AM - 7 PM Tuesday - Saturday | 11 AM - 5 PM  Sunday & Monday  by appointment    (530) 544 6390